What do you need to know as a parent of a child at St John's C of E Primary?

What time do the children start and finish?

The doors open to let the children into school at 8.45am. The registers are sent to the office at 8.55am. Any child arriving after this will be marked as late. 

In the afternoon, the doors open to collect children from Foundation Stage at 14.55pm. Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 finish at 3pm. Years 1 and 2 finish at 3.10pm.

What options does my child have for school dinners?

The school kitchen offers a variety of balanced meal options at lunch time for the children. 

A child who is on school dinners will get at least 2 options for lunch every day. Children choose their meal the day before at registration. Great care is taken to ensure that all medical/dietary requirements are catered for. Children also have the option to bring in a healthy packed lunch from home. To see a draft copy of the proposed menu for the Spring and Summer term please see the menu attachment at the foot of the page.

Each pupil is entitled to a carton of free milk every day.  A letter is sent home at the beginning of each new term to check which children would like to have milk. 

Blackpool Council provide free breakfasts for all Primary School children. As part of the ongoing monitoring of the Blackpool Council’s Free School Breakfast Programme in Blackpool, once a term we will be asking pupils attending this school some simple questions regarding what they had for breakfast on a certain date.  We will also be using data we hold on children within the school as part of this study. All information will be aggregated, and no one child, or their answers, will be identifiable within the analysis. If, for any reason, you wish for your child not to take part in the monitoring, can you please let us know, and we will ensure that they are not included.  


What uniform does my child need?

At St John's, we feel that school uniform is important in ensuring that the children feel part of the school community.

The school uniform consists of a red T-Shirt, a blue jumper, grey trousers/skirt, grey socks/tights and black shoes. Please ensure all items are clearly named so that we can easily return any lost items to the correct child.

Unfortunately we no longer stock or sell uniform from school however, we usually hold sales of pre-used uniforms throughout the year in order to raise funds for school trips.

There are a couple of options to help you purchase what you need for your child.


Parents have expressed an interest in ordering uniform items online and this service is now available through an external supplier, My Clothing Ltd.  Please follow the link to order online from My Clothing.


Uniform is also available from a local shop which stocks a range of St John's CE Primary School uniform.  Store details are:

The Uniform and Leisurewear Company Ltd

31 Clifton Street, Blackpool FY1 1JQ

Opening Hours: Monday - Saturday 9.30am - 4.30pm.


Parents may also purchase unbranded items of uniform from various stores and supermarket chains.


What PE kit does my child require?

All children require a white T-Shirt, shorts (blue or black) and black pumps.

This timetable will tell you what time the children have PE. Please ensure that all children have a named PE kit in school for these days. We would advise that you leave the kit in school until half term, when teachers will send the kit home to be washed.

If your child has pierced ears, and they are unable to take the earrings out by themselves, please provide plasters so they can cover the earrings during PE sessions.  

During the year the children will have the opportunity to take part in a range of activities such as: netball, athletics, football, rounders and hockey.

Day Classes with PE
Monday Reception
Tuesday Reception, Year 5 swimming
Wednesday Year 1, Year 2, Year 4.
Thursday Year 1, Year 3, Year 6
Friday Year 2, Year 3, Year 6

Please note - to look at the hall timetable, certain classes don't appear to have PE. This is not the case. It might be that they are swimming, or doing outside PE lessons or taking part in the Forest Schools. Please ensure your child has a PE kit in school at all times to ensure they can fully take part in all activities. 

PE is a compulsory part of the curriculum and children can only be excused on medical grounds which must be explained by a note to the class teacher. If anyone has asthma they must have an inhaler with them or they will not be allowed to take part in Games or PE. Any child requiring an inhaler should have one in school at all times.

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