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Please read our Class 3 curriculum overview for the year:

Class 3 Yearly Overview 2019/2020

KS2 Classes Remote Learning-January 2021

From tomorrow (Thursday 7th January 2021) St John’s teachers will be sharing video lessons on their class area of the school website.

School website: www.stjohnsblackpool.co.uk

There will be three lessons each day, 1 English lesson, 1 Maths lesson and 1 other curriculum subject e.g science, history, R.E.

The children need to play the video lesson, pausing the video when asked to by the teacher and  complete the work in their exercise books.

The children can pause and replay the video lessons.

The 3 video lessons will be put on the class area of the website by 10am each school day and changed every day.

Your child can then ‘upload’ their work or you can send a photograph of their work via Classdojo or Google Classroom.

Further information about how your child will use google classroom and Classdojo as part of their remote learning will be sent out tomorrow.

All of the KS2 children have their own school e-mail address they need to use and usernames and passwords have also been put in the packs for RM Easimaths, TT Rockstars etc. which they can complete every day.

If you need to contact the class teacher directly please e-mail:


The class teacher will reply to your e-mail as soon as they can (between 9am and 3pm)

If you have any ICT issues or questions about remote learning please e-mail:


Thank you

Miss Johnston

How to use 'Google Classroom'

Please click on the link to watch the short video about how the children use 'Google Classroom'


How to log in to Gmail/school e-mail address:

Please click on the link to watch the short video about how the children can access their school e-mail/gmail address:


How to submit your work on 'Google Docs'


Friday 5th March 2021

English Lesson


Maths Lesson


R.E Lesson 


R.E Links:




D.T Lesson



Spring Term 2 2021

Class 3 History Topic: The Ancient Egyptians

Learning Question: Why was the River Nile so important for Ancient Egyptian civilisation?

Class 3 Spring 2 2021

Today's 'Newsround'

If you would like to watch today's 'Newsround' please click on the link:


Autumn Term 2 (2020)

This half-term we will be finding out about 'The Stone Age' in our first Year 3 history topic. 

Our history learning question for the half=term is:

"How did life change during the Stone Age?"

Please have a look at our topic overview for the half-term to find out what we will be learning about during the history topic:

Autumn Term 1 2020

At the end of last half-term Class 3 visited Stanley Park as part of their science work on seasonal changes.

Class 3 Stanley Park Science Visit




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