Welcome to Class 6.

Summer Term 2 2022

Geography Topic: The Lake District

Learning Question: What makes the Lake District attractive for tourists?

Class 6 Summer Term 2 2021




Class 6 Final Science Visit@Stanah Country Park

Class 6 enjoyed their final science visit to Stanah. As a class we have visited the same location since the summer term in Class 5. We observed seasonal changes and sketched the environment around us.


Class 6 boys enjoyed taking part in Lancashire Youth Games competing against other Lancashire schools in tag rugby and dodge ball.


Class 6 enjoyed working as young scientists for the day finding out about their DNA!This is linked to our current science topic 'Evolution and Inheritance'.


As part of our History topic about The Tudors, Class 6 visited Turton Tower to find out what life was like for a rich Tudor person.

Turton Tower is a Tudor house and we were able to visit the rooms in the Tudor house including the dining room and the bed chamber. We enjoyed looking at the Tudor artefacts and dressing up as a rich Tudor man and woman. 

During the afternoon we practised a Tudor group dance and performed the dance routine to music...




Class 6 Science Visit: Stanah Country Park

Last week we visited Stanah Country Park for our half-termly science visit. We used our new science outdoor equipment during the visit!We were looking for the first signs of Spring in the country park. Unfortunately, due to the recent storms quite a few trees had fallen down in the park. However, we did see daffodils starting to grow...

Class 6 Science: Human Body 'The Circulatory System'

As part of the science circulatory system topic Class 6 made their own 'blood smoothie' (some children chose to drink their blood smoothie!). We used white marshmallows for white blood cells, raspberries for red blood cells, hundreds and thousands for platelets and pineapple juice for plasma...

Class 6 Science Visit: Eureka Museum-Halifax

As part of our 'Human Body' science topic last half-term, Class 6 had a great visit to the Eureka Museum in Halifax. First of all we took part in a disgusting workshop called "chew to poo" where we found out what happens to our food and how our digestive system works. We then explored in the museum to find out about the 5 senses, worked as dentists, doctors and nurses and talked to a robot (who knew we were from Blackpool!)

Science Visit: Stanah Country Park

Class 6 visited Stanah Country Park as part of their ongoing field journal work and finding out about seasonal changes. This was our winter class visit to Stanah. 

While we were walking around the park we observed mole hills, robins in the trees and holly trees with berries on them. Compared to our last visit (in October) it was windy and very muddy!

Class 6-Cenotaph Visit 

As part of our WW1 History topic this half-term, Class 6 visited the cenotaph on the promenade. The Class 6 children have been finding out the importance of remembrance and how the soldiers in World War One sacrificed their lives for us to live in peace.

World War One Workshop-December 2021

Class 6 took part in a World War I workshop where they became conscripts into the Army, they were put through their paces learning how to drill and salute correctly. They also discovered what life was really like in the trenches for soldiers during World War I and they were able to try on and handle genuine artefacts from the War. 


St John's School Council have raised an amazing...



All of the St John's children enjoyed the 'Pudsey Party' in the hall, the children enjoyed dancing in the hall and we even had a conga...

Thank you for all of your generous donations towards this important charity.

Class 6 Science Investigation Over Time

Micro-organisms-Conditions for growing 'mouldy bread'

This half-term we have investigated the best conditions for growing mould as part of our science micro-organisms topic. We left the pieces of bread in the same places for 25 days. Look at our results-disgusting!!


Autumn 2: Science Visit-Stanah Country Park

Every half-term Class 6 visit Stanah Country Park as part of our science work on seasonal changes.

On this visit the class 6 children were observing and collecting evidence for the autumnal season. We also collected different leaves around the park and when we returned to school we identified the different types of trees from the leaves.

Y4/5/6 Illuminations Sponsored Walk 

Well done to the 30 Year 4, 5 and 6 children and staff for completing the sponsored illumination walk last night. It was a long walk on the prom in cold conditions but we were in high spirits!!

The total we have raised so far is £204 but donations are still coming in...

The money raised from the sponsored walk will pay for trips and visits for all classes over the next year. 

Class 5+6 Light Party-St John's Church

St John's children from Class 5 and Class 6 enjoyed an amazing light party at St John's church yesterday!

The light party was organised by the Christian charity Scripture Union. The Scripture Union invite children and young people to explore their faith and produce light parties and trail packs to inspire and equip people to host these events as a positive Halloween alternative. 

The Class 5 and 6 children enjoyed talking part in the different light activities around the church. The party was also filmed by the BBC and will be shown on the BBC programme 'Songs of Praise' on Sunday 31st October@1.15pm

Class 6 Visit-Dewlay Cheese Factory (Garstang)

As part of our science micro-organisms topic and finding out about good microbes, Class 6 enjoyed a visit to Dewlay Cheese Factory in Garstang. We found out how cheese is made and the four ingredients needed to make cheese. We watched the process from start to finish how the cheese is produced in the factory. At the end of the visit we loved the cheese tasting session-our class favourites were the 'double gloucester' and 'tasty Lancashire'. We left with goody bags and 2 blocks of cheese each!

Class 6 Science Topic (Autumn 1) Micro-organisms 

In Science this half-term we have found out about good and bad micro-organisms. In Class 6 we have been working scientifically and investigated useful microbes. We investigated the fermentation process and found out that microbes multiply faster in warmer conditions and yeast rises faster when sugar is present. 


Class 6 'STAR OF THE WEEK' 2021/2022


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