Welcome to Class 6.

Autumn Term 1 2021

History Topic: The Victorians 

Learning Question: What was life like for children during the Victorian times?

Class 6 Autumn 1 2021

Class 5+6 Light Party-St John's Church

St John's children from Class 5 and Class 6 enjoyed an amazing light party at St John's church yesterday!

The light party was organised by the Christian charity Scripture Union. The Scripture Union invite children and young people to explore their faith and produce light parties and trail packs to inspire and equip people to host these events as a positive Halloween alternative. 

The Class 5 and 6 children enjoyed talking part in the different light activities around the church. The party was also filmed by the BBC and will be shown on the BBC programme 'Songs of Praise' on Sunday 31st October@1.15pm

Class 6 Visit-Dewlay Cheese Factory (Garstang)

As part of our science micro-organisms topic and finding out about good microbes, Class 6 enjoyed a visit to Dewlay Cheese Factory in Garstang. We found out how cheese is made and the four ingredients needed to make cheese. We watched the process from start to finish how the cheese is produced in the factory. At the end of the visit we loved the cheese tasting session-our class favourites were the 'double gloucester' and 'tasty Lancashire'. We left with goody bags and 2 blocks of cheese each!

Class 6 Science Topic (Autumn 1) Micro-organisms 

In Science this half-term we have found out about good and bad micro-organisms. In Class 6 we have been working scientifically and investigated useful microbes. We investigated the fermentation process and found out that microbes multiply faster in warmer conditions and yeast rises faster when sugar is present. 


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