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Please read our Class 2 curriculum overview for the year:

Class 2 Yearly Overview 2019/2020

VE 75th Anniversary Homelearning Activities:


St John's Homelearning Activities 

Wow-our children have been very busy at home learning new skills, baking, drawing, making birthday cards for neighbours, designing a garden for a unicorn and learning British Sign Language-very impressive!

A big thank you to the parents for e-mailing photographs to us.

If you would like to share what your child has been doing at home please e-mail:


Please take a look at the photographs:


Blackburn Museum Visit 

As part of our History topic last half-term about what toys were like in the past, Class 2 visited Blackburn Museum. The children were able to use the historical toys and try out different skills and games using the historical toys.

Class 2 Christmas Journey Workshop

All of Class 2 took part in the 'Christmas Journey Workshop' in school last week. Thank you to BSYW for organising this special Christmas event.

Children from Class 1,2 and 3 enjoyed our annual 'PTFA Christmas Disco'. We enjoyed dancing and playing different party games with our friends:

Class 1,2 and 3 PTFA Christmas Party

On Friday Class 2 visited our local Blackpool fire station finding out about fire safety:

Class 2 Fire Station Visit

Some of the KS1 children enjoyed playing football in the dark!

KS1-Football In The Dark

Well done to our first P.E star for Autumn 1:

Class 2 P.E Star

During the last week before half-term all of the children took part in our whole school 'sixty-second' science week. During one of the afternoons Class 2 worked with Class 3 and Class 6 children carrying out 60-second scientific investigations.

On Friday afternoon parents and St John's governors were invited into school to find out about our science week. 

Class 2 Star Of The Week:

Class 2 Star Of The Week




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19 March 2020

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