Welcome to Class 5

Please read our Class 5 curriculum overview for the year:

Class 5 Yearly Overview 2019-2020

Friday 14th May 

Welcome back to remote learning Class 5!

Please attend your daily zoom meeting at 10am. We will send the zoom link to your school e-mail address.

English Lesson:


Maths Lesson:

Morning Maths Lesson:


Main Maths Lesson:


R.E Lesson:


Mayans History Song

Please click on the link and enjoy listening to the Mayan history song!



Summer Term 1  2021

History Topic: The Ancient Mayans

Learning Question: Who were the greater people: the Vikings or The Maya?

Class 5 Summer Term 1 2021

Today's 'Newsround'

If you would like to watch today's 'Newsround' please click on the link:





Class 5 Alternative 'Light Party'

During the Autumn Term we had our very own 'light party' art and craft activities in the classroom.

Please have a look at the photographs:


Light Party October 2020-Class 5


Autumn Term 2020

As part of their science topic 'Materials and their properties' Class 5 have investigated in their science groups 'How to keep the water hot', testing different materials. 


Class 5 'Star Of The Week' 2020/2021

Class 5 'Star Of The Week' 2020/2021



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