After School Clubs @ St John’s 

School offers a variety of different extra curricular clubs for children to take part in.

Demand for these clubs is often high, so some clubs will operate a waiting list (in case someone leaves) or will change the members of the club round on a regular basis so that everyone gets a turn.

If your child no longer wants to be a part of the club, or has brought home a letter but can not attend, please speak to the person who runs the club so that we can offer the place to another child. 

The office will text you if for any reason a club can not happen on a particular evening.

Attendance at each club is monitored and registers are handed to Miss. Johnston so that hours can contribute towards children's university award. 

Children's University

What is it?

Children's University is a national scheme to recognise learning that children complete out of lesson hours.


It is for children that are in Class 2 to Class 6 at school.

Children count up hours learning that takes place in school clubs such as computer club and happy feet as well as activities that they might do outside of school such as Scouting or swimming lessons.

Only hours spent learning can be counted towards achieveing an award. There are different levels of awards to recognise number of hours learning.

What awards can the children achieve?

Towards the end of the school year, we have a graduation ceremony for all the children who have participated and gained an award. Hours carry over from previous years so that the children can earn the higher awards.





30 Hrs – bronze

130 Hrs – bronze

230 Hrs – bronze

330 Hrs – bronze

65 hrs – silver

165 hrs – silver

265 hrs – silver

365 hrs – silver

100 hrs - gold

200 hrs - gold

300 hrs - gold

400 hrs - gold

If you would like to read further information, please read the leaflet below. 

What do i need to do?

If your child takes part in any clubs in school, we will automatically log the hours learning.

If your child goes to a club or activity outside of school, please download the learning log attached and take it to the club. They need to sign to confirm that the learning has taken place. Bring it back to school to have the hours registered for your child.

Children's University

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