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At St John’s CE Primary we recognise the contribution of PE to the health and well being of children. Through PE and sport, children develop many of our core values such as cooperation, respect, determination and kindness.

Our overall aim is to raise standards and participation in P.E. and school sport increasing the opportunities offered to our children. We aim to provide higher quality lessons and improved learning for all.

For 2020/2021 St John’s CE Primary was allocated £17,756 PE & Sport Premium. Our allocation for 2021/2022 is £17,740

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P.E Premium Document July 2021

(Please see the links below which show how we have used our PE & Sport Premium in previous years)


PE Update

Once again it has been an action packed year with lots of opportunities for the children to get involved in PE and Sport. We have achieved the 'Schools Games Award' for the Autumn and Spring term this year which is an amazing achievement!

School Games award

Specialist Caches

To enhance our PE and Sport provision we use our PE Premium to bring in specialist coaches from a broad range of fields to offer our children unique opportunities and to ensure we maintain high levels of participation. The coaches we work with are:

Blackpool Council Sports Team, Premier Sport, Blackpool FC Community, FA Coaches, Blackpool Tower School of Dance Team.


One aim we had at the start of the year was to make lunchtimes more active. With this in mind the school employed three Play Leaders, we used our PE Premium to bring in specialist coaches to deliver a range of activities and the Blackpool Council Sports Team came in and trained PALs from Class 5 to deliver activities for our KS1 children at lunchtimes. All of these measures have had a very positive impact and now the whole school is engaged in fun activities at lunchtime.


The school continues to provide children with opportunities to compete against one another and other schools. We have had teams competing against other schools in: athletics, swimming, girls and boys football, road races, dodgeball, orienteering and multi-skills sports.

We have also represented Blackpool in the Lancashire Youth Games, a level 3 competition, in dodgeball and angling (a first for the competition and the school).

Festivals and Challenges

We are always keen to participate in events and festivals that show the children the importance of a healthy lifestyle and the link between being active and eating healthily. This year the school has participated in a whole range of fun events:

Fit 2 Go led by Blackpool FC Community, Change 4 Life and Sport 4 Champions all promote physical activity and the need to have a balanced diet; we also tried the Gulp Challenge which aims to get the children thinking about what they drink and challenges them to give up fizzy drinks for three weeks.

Other events we entered included: Schools’ Alive dance festival at the Grand Theatre, Strictly Come Dancing at Blackpool Tower and glow in the dark football.

We also competed in the Blackpool and Lancashire Youth Games, as well as holding our KS1 and KS2 Sports Day.

Extra Curriculur

We always aim to provide additional opportunities for our children. This year classes 1 to 6 have all had the opportunity to join a breakfast club, activities on offer have been: athletics, volleyball, badminton, handball, ultimate frisbee and rounders. There have also been after school clubs for: girls and boys football, dance and multi-skills games.

PE Premium

The PE Premium is used to ensure high quality PE and Sport across the school; specialist coaches are brought in to enhance the curriculum, provide extra-curricular activities and to support teaching staff. We have also used the PE Premium for additional swimming instructors to ensure we maximise the opportunities the children have to develop as confident swimmers. Lunchtimes have also benefitted by using the PE Premium for coaches and resources to create a fun and active environment. Working with Premier Sport we have been trialling the Golden Mile; each class goes out for a run or jog and clocks up a few laps to further boost their activity levels.

We have also had Reception taking part in the Balance Bikes programme and Class 5 taking their Level 1 and 2 Bike Ability awards.


We feel it is important that our children learn leadership skills and use them to benefit others in PE and Sport across the school. This year we have had a team of Sports Leaders working on different projects involving the whole school, our PALs were trained by Blackpool Council Sports Team and they now do a great job playing with KS1 at lunchtimes, once again Class 6 devised and successfully delivered the Reception and KS1 Sports Day – they learnt a range of important skills including: team work, communication, organisation and how to provide support and encouragement. During our Golden Mile trial we have had two monitors from each class who received training from Premier Sport and they are now responsible entering the data for their class.

PE and Sport Profile

PE and Sport are an integral part of daily life at school; we celebrate successes and achievements in assemblies and on our display in the Hall, we also present a Sport Star from each class at the end of every half-term to ensure that PE and Sport enjoy a high profile within school.

This year has seen the whole school being active in a whole range of activities; before, during and after school. The children have also learnt that physical activity and a balanced diet go hand in hand to keep them healthy and feeling good about themselves. We have competed at different levels; against our classmates and against children from other schools, we have danced in the Blackpool Tower Ballroom and tried out angling at the lake in Stanley Park and most importantly we have had lots of fun.

PE and Sport Premium


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