Class 1-Archbishop Young Leaders Award 

Class 1 have nearly completed their Archbishop Young Leaders award.
We have learnt about the values of kindness, perseverance and teamwork. This week we will be finishing our teamwork challenge by tidying up all the schools garden areas so they are ready for Spring.

We are also ready to move onto our final 'action' Challenge.
For this challenge the children decided they would love to help an animal charity as lots of us have pets that we love at home. We have been in touch with 'Homeless Hounds' for the past few months learning about how they find new families for the dogs in their care.

We have decided our action will be to provide each dog in the kennel over Christmas a special Christmas present for Christmas morning. We are going to fill a bag with gifts for each dog.

Can you help?
Please donate 1 or more items for the Christmas bags, this could be a tin of food, a packet of treats, a brush, a dog toy, poo bags, etc. If everyone donates an item we will be able to fill the bags. The children will then decorate them for each dog and send the dogs a Christmas message. Send all donations to Class 1 please.

If you have any family or friends that would donate an item we would be very grateful.

Thank you

Class 1