Today’s BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons: Year 1-Year 6

Today’s lessons-English, Maths and Design Technology
Year 1: English-Using exclamation marks, Maths-Calculations and D.T-Simple Designs

Year 2: English-Using exclamation marks, Maths-Number bonds to 100 and D.T-Simple Designs

Year 3: English-Their/they're or there, Maths-multiplication and division problem solving and D.T-How we build

Year 4: English-Using proofreading skills, Maths-Area (Counting Squares) and D.T-How we build

Year 5: English-Writing a recount, Maths-Compare and order fractions and D.T-How we build

Year 6: Writing a recount, Maths-fractions of amounts and D.T-Extreme Designs  

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Miss Johnston