On Monday morning we had a special assembly hosted by Mrs Tiribocchi and the Resilient Rangers to learn about 'Inside Out Day' as part of Child's Mental Health Week.

We learnt that how someone looks on the outside might not be how they feel on the inside. We should be kind to everyone and make time to talk to our friends and family.

We also launched a competition to win a family ticket to Sandcastle Water Park !! To enter we have to write down what we do to feel good and happy. The winner will be randomly selected in Assembly on Friday.

We found out that scientists have proved 5 things to make us feel happy:

Be Active, Connect with people, Be Aware , Learn something new, Be Kind.

Being happy is good for us as it helps keep us healthy, gives us confidence, makes us sleep better and motivates us.

We also learnt how to breathe deeply , we held our breath for 5 seconds with our mouth shut then we pretended to blow a candle out for 5 seconds, you should do this 5 times.

We also heard that spending too much time on Social Media, gaming and YouTube is not good for you.

Remember on Friday it's Non Uniform Day (50p donation) and we can wear a piece of clothing inside out to raise awareness and think of others.

Resilience Rangers