Welcome back to school after what I hope was an enjoyable half term with your children. This half term is a busy one as we count down to Christmas.  There are lots of exciting learning opportunities for the children to take part in.  We are also looking at ‘Hope’ as our Value for Life. We want our children to be bringers of hope in their families and communities, shining as bright lights when sometimes things seem without hope.

We want our children to understand that Hope is believing that good things will happen and actively doing something to make good things happen.

During collective and class worship children will be thinking about the following key questions:

What does hope mean to you?

How does hope change people’s lives?

How can we give hope to others?

What are your hopes for the world?

How did Jesus bring hope to the world?

Please take time to read the family values letter attached and try out the suggested activities.  As a school community we will be giving hope to others through our Shoe Box appeal and Children in Need Day activities.


Sometimes that is all you have when you have nothing else.

If you have HOPE you have everything.


God is the only one who can make the door of trouble a valley of Hope - Hosea 2.g

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